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song of the day. #24

I can’t remember exactly how or when I found Fisher… but it was a long time ago. This is one of the only female voices I listen to. I just love a male voice so much more. But… I do … Continue reading

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For Christmas, back in 2015, one of my sisters gave me a lovely coloring book and some fancy colored pencils. It’s one of those adult coloring books. [No… not that kind of ‘adult’!] I forgot it existed until a few … Continue reading

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I am having trouble dealing with a matter of a personal nature. Someone in my family very close to me has been hospitalized since last week. I’ve decided not to go into further detail for a few reasons… the biggest … Continue reading

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read to me.

Read me a story But remember what I want… The happy ending ©2017 what sandra thinks

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no luck charm. (moodle.)

This week’s theme for Haylee’s Moodle Army is ‘lucky charm‘. I used to think lucky charms were a real thing when I was a little girl. I had a rabbit’s foot and everything. [How horrible! A poor bunny’s severed foot is … Continue reading

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I know.

Not a word spoken Just a feeling in my heart And I know it’s you ©2017 what sandra thinks

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the best snow.

Snow gets a lot of hate. I get it. Messy driving, cold feet, wet socks, exhausting shoveling. Hell, I used to live in Maine. I know… it can be kind of a nightmare. But I love when we get the … Continue reading

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The falling petals float from branches like snowflakes that will never melt… ©2017 what sandra thinks

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