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not as advertised.

It will come as no surprise I have overanalyzed My mind has generalized My heart’s been demonized Inside I’ve dramatized Dreamt and fantasized Wished my life romanticized Still my soul does agonize When my hope is jeopardized If I could … Continue reading

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song of the day. #21

I’ve tried to write something in this space for two hours now. I can’t find the right words. I never should have turned on the television because it was on a regular network channel when I did… so I was … Continue reading

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fiction friday 53: wake up.

A scene adapted from yet another of my much longer pieces… one that has no end. It may never end… I don’t think I want it to. It’s my escape…

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we belong.

Singing when we hear our favorite song Stretching night to day to make it long Holding each other with arms so strong Feeling love so right it can’t be wrong At last all trace of loneliness gone Because together is … Continue reading

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Join the Moodle Army!

Originally posted on Aloada Bobbins:
Wednesday’s are usually reserved for photography but today, I bring you a different type of creativity… Doodle: A little drawing. Moodle: A drawing to change your mood. Moodle Army: A group of people who draw…

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pushing clouds.

Pushing clouds away… You have mastered the weather …just to give me sun. ©2017 what sandra thinks

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song of the day. #20

Maybe I’m wallowing. But I haven’t been completely miserable. But I do have too many things weighing on me right now. More than I’ve posted. (You’re welcome.) I’ve had moments of inexplicable breakdown… yet moments of genuine laughter. I know … Continue reading

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don’t lie to me.

What’s the point? What good could possibly come from a lie? I understand omission. Some things are better left unsaid. BUT If I ask you a question… point blank… even if you think I might be better off not knowing … Continue reading

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