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Stop torturing me. I’m not supposed to believe I deserve this pain. ©2016 what sandra thinks artwork by Hajin Bae   Advertisements

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song of the day. #12

You know how people say you should listen to uplifting music when you’re down… when you’re having a terrible day? That doesn’t work for me. It’s kind of like perky people. I want to kick the uplifting music in the … Continue reading

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french toast.

I heard that today is #NationalFrenchToastDay. You don’t have to tell me twice. Yum. I have no recipe… yet it turns out delicious every time. Definitely brown sugar, not white. And don’t forget the cinnamon. I’ve got to hide the evidence … Continue reading

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let me go.

If you can’t climb with me let me go Stop dragging me down to the very place I hope to leave behind If you can’t hear me let me go I’m tired of screaming when you only hear words you … Continue reading

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Note: This post mentions suicide – I don’t know the proper protocol for this… but I believe I’m supposed to warn of topics of this nature so readers can stop now should they so choose. When I was 15 years … Continue reading

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fiction friday 47: when she knew. (take 2)

This is a repost from last November. I don’t think any of my current ‘regulars’ have read this one… A modified scene from a much longer story I wrote when I was 20. (Just a few years ago…) “When did … Continue reading

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song of the day. #11

Whenever I hear this song, I am reminded of a deejay I used to love listening to every morning. Sadly, he, his morning show, and the entire station… are no more. Well, he still exists… just not in my world. … Continue reading

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I just want to talk. Being alone with my racing roller-coaster thoughts never ends well. Sometimes it feels like it’s never going to end at all. It sucks. That’s a fucking revelation. It sucks. I have never been a girl … Continue reading

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