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weekly perk. #23

Well, damn, this post was totally not going to happen this week. You may not be aware (HA! Shut up.) that I’ve been having a terrible week. But…  I needed to get my mind off all the junk bringing me … Continue reading

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Hate Violent, fiery  Consuming, seething, loathing Driving every action, melting every emotion Consuming, tingling, bewitching Passionate, fiery Love This poem was a little experiment… I haven’t decided if I like it or not…  © what sandra thinks

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pushed. No destination, no direction Perfect for driving on winding roads But in life I need a map Because I have gotten lost I carved myself a path But it was never my own I tried to course correct Still … Continue reading

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in dreams.

in dreams i’m not alone because you discovered every beautiful part of me in dreams in dreams i’m in your arms you adore who I am I never need to change a thing in dreams in dreams you have my … Continue reading

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summer: a limerick.

This is dedicated to my children… kind of. — You wanted summer, that’s what I thought… But within days, you’re bored and too hot. When I say read if you feel lazy, You look at me like I’m crazy… Maybe … Continue reading

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three and three and three. day 3.

A Momma’s View invited me to participate in the three-day-three-quote thingy (my ridiculous name for it). Thanks again for thinking of me! [Rules at bottom of post.] Day Three – Lyrics edition I have music obsessions… that change. The first two … Continue reading

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