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z is for zipper. #atozchallenge

z is for zipper. Did you enjoy the party? No. I wanted to come home. I’m sorry I made you go. You could make it up to me. How could I do that? Keep looking at me like that. How … Continue reading

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lock the door. (m)

“Lock the door. Right now.” “The kids are out there.” “I know. So lock the door.” I couldn’t even wait for him to turn around. I pulled every stitch from my body and grabbed him by the hand. I could … Continue reading

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fiction friday 23: secret admirer.

Back in November, I wrote a short piece of fiction that I always thought could be something more. And a few readers suggested the same. But I never wrote more… until now. I’m beginning with a slightly edited version of … Continue reading

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y is for yesterday. #atozchallenge

y is for yesterday. Yesterday the sun came out Fresh air filled my lungs Hope and peace Within reach Sunglasses on I wandered Admired flowers and smiled At the world around me Beautiful and alive And then yesterday ended Today everything went dark … Continue reading

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x is for x-rated. #atozchallenge

x is for x-rated. A sweet girl Quiet and shy Took forever to reveal What she had buried inside She was taught Virtuous and pure Spent too long pretending Though it never suited her When she looks serene Almost sedated … Continue reading

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what if? (w is for…)

I know, this is my third w post. Which is amazing because at 2am, almost 19 hours ago, I had no idea what I was going to post for w. But something happened today that made me write this. I have … Continue reading

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weekly perk. #14 (w is for…)

A second post for w… because… w is for weekly perk. When I realize I don’t need something anymore, having it feels better than it ever did before. Maybe because when I need it, I’m constantly worrying about whether or not … Continue reading

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w is for wish. #atozchallenge

w is for wish. Have you ever thought of returning to the moment everything went wrong – the moment you slipped? That is my wish. Of course, this requires knowing the exact moment I broke everything – so I’ll need … Continue reading

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