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the real seven.

Just a little something silly… hope it makes you laugh…  You know grumpy, sleepy and doc And the rest of the height-challenged flock But it was all a clever façade This is who they really are: Happy has a reason … Continue reading

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the fixer.

Mommy, I dropped my cup Milk is all over the floor Don’t worry, love …I will fix it. Daughter, I did something wrong My tv’s stuck on channel three I know what to do, Mom …I will fix it. Sister, … Continue reading

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born of love.

Limerick challenge: Birth He cannot stop thinking of her – One day is clear, the next a blur. But hate is born of love – Must have below to be above. Is she joy or tragedy? He’s not sure.  

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tinted glass.

Peering inside Through tinted glass I can see her clearly But I am fooled By my own eyes Unfocused and bleary Pure happiness I love her smile I adore how she glows I envy her Such confidence In her beautiful … Continue reading

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fiction friday 14: splash.

Hello lovely readers. It’s time for something new. Something sexy. Something not appropriate for minors. And maybe best of all — something that spans a total of ONE week. This week.  Please note: This piece is not for readers under 18. … Continue reading

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weekly perk. #5

I wrote something about a truly wonderful part (parts is more accurate, I suppose) of my life. I don’t have to explain further. I think this explains it all… how do they know? Every day I see their faces and … Continue reading

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