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the real seven.

Just a little something silly… hope it makes you laugh…  You know grumpy, sleepy and doc And the rest of the height-challenged flock But it was all a clever façade This is who they really are: Happy has a reason … Continue reading

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the fixer.

Mommy, I dropped my cup Milk is all over the floor Don’t worry, love …I will fix it. Daughter, I did something wrong My tv’s stuck on channel three I know what to do, Mom …I will fix it. Sister, … Continue reading

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born of love.

Limerick challenge: Birth He cannot stop thinking of her – One day is clear, the next a blur. But hate is born of love – Must have below to be above. Is she joy or tragedy? He’s not sure.  

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tinted glass.

Peering inside Through tinted glass I can see her clearly But I am fooled By my own eyes Unfocused and bleary Pure happiness I love her smile I adore how she glows I envy her Such confidence In her beautiful … Continue reading

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fiction friday 14: splash.

Hello lovely readers. It’s time for something new. Something sexy. Something not appropriate for minors. And maybe best of all — something that spans a total of ONE week. This week.  Please note: This piece is not for readers under 18. … Continue reading

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weekly perk. #5

I wrote something about a truly wonderful part (parts is more accurate, I suppose) of my life. I don’t have to explain further. I think this explains it all… how do they know? Every day I see their faces and … Continue reading

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I wish I wrote that.

Sometimes I hear certain song lyrics that I fall in love with. It’s the message, usually, but sometimes it’s just how they sound… how the singer sings them… how they flow. [I am not a musician… can you tell?] Anyway, I … Continue reading

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You are perfect But only for me I know this because You are all things Born inside my dreams Eyes dark as chocolate Smile that melts icebergs Hair to run my fingers through Mind unafraid to challenge mine Love to … Continue reading

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