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Autumn is kind of a downer. Fewer hours of sunlight. Trees and flowers slowly shriveling. Maybe I have seasonal affective disorder. We’ve had plenty of sunshine lately, though. And it was 74°F two days ago. In MA. Crazy. But now … Continue reading

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the beautiful stones.

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I love old cemeteries. The older the better. The stones… the history… the overgrown foliage… beautiful. Living in New England, I have visited some of the oldest graveyards in the US. I don’t venture out aimlessly looking for them as … Continue reading

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enjoy the now.

Suck it, Best Buy. Today is October 29th (Oh, I’m up late again… it’s the 30th). It is October. We haven’t even reached Halloween yet. Do you seriously think I want to see your Christmas ads on television already? Does this really … Continue reading

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definitely the worst ever.

I have the worst cold ever. My husband has kindly pointed out that I say that every time I get a cold. But this time, I really mean it. I’m unbearably congested. I have an almost painful cough. I’m exhausted. … Continue reading

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During my first pregnancy, my husband and I renovated my ‘whatever’ room. I had to clear out before my son’s arrival. And we had to deal with those hideous not-really-peach-but-not-really-pink walls we had never gotten around to painting. They were … Continue reading

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feeling it.

This afternoon I read a story I wrote years ago, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how I ever managed to get through it. It made me incredibly anxious. It’s a good thing – a piece … Continue reading

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When I was a kid, the focus on healthy eating was non-existent compared to today. In the aisles of the supermarket, my mom rarely said no when we asked for junk food. You may remember my aforementioned childhood love for … Continue reading

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my hero.

I’ve always had an affinity for Batman. I think it may be his color scheme (it’s just like mine) and his general demeanor. He’s brooding and moody. (Oh God, this is like me, too, isn’t it?) It’s the dark part … Continue reading

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